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Stars in Our Garden

By September 14, 2023September 15th, 2023No Comments

Stars in Our Garden:

Finding Hope When You’ve Been De-Hoped
Wade Mullen Pellucid Substack

Photo Credit ESA/Hubble Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Stars in Our Garden: Finding Hope

This essay offers a beautiful metaphor of hope for those who have been targets of abuse. Beyond that, it offers a vision for how others can become “stars in their garden,” bringing light and hope.


“…the vast majority [of people who have been abused] still carry untold, disbelieved, or ignored stories, slowly becoming (if not already) de-hoped. They hope to find a source of light, but have only been met with more darkness: betrayals that re-victimize, further silence, and de-hope.”

So, whenever we are in a position to help and we choose to listen, affirm, and act justly, we help another become re-hoped. We open the possibility for there to be some way forward. We become a source of light…”