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Rules of the Road

By January 16, 2024No Comments

What follows is a list of rules to be used both for commenting and contacting us through the form as well as an explanation for these rules. We ask that you take the time to read them and follow them. Thank you for your compliance!


The purpose of this website is to be faithful to biblical commands about speaking out even when it’s hard. And speaking out about the patterns of sin of leaders in a church is definitely hard.

Staying silent would be so much easier. Silence avoids the backlash that comes because most people respond to truth-telling as if speaking about the wrongdoing is the real wrongdoing. But we cannot just choose what is easier and be faithful:

Whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. – James 4:17

We believe that to follow Jesus faithfully, more is demanded of us than silence.


The intent on this website is the opposite of gossip:  We strive to speak only truth as best as we understand it, sticking primarily to information that we can back up with digital evidence or the testimony of witnesses as concerns Chapel Hill Bible Church (“CHBC”).

Throughout the epistles and in Revelation, issues of contention at one church are shared with multiple churches via circulating the letters. So, while a specific letter could be addressing a specific situation in a specific location, at the same time, the letters were broadly helpful to the Body of Christ in other locations — as they are to us today.

Hopefully, the same will be true of the content on this website. While some things are written about Chapel Hill Bible Church, they are not necessarily unique to CHBC, so may be useful to other churches or Christian organizations. The reverse is also true, understanding patterns of what has happened elsewhere can better help us understand issues at Chapel Hill Bible Church.  For more information, see also  The Purpose of this Website .


Please check these rules often as we may edit them as we believe is necessary. We will not alert website users of these changes in advance.

  • Treat others with respect and civility.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Do not use this website to bully others.
  • Do not engage in political speech.
  • Do not use hateful language which includes but it is not limited to: discrimination, slurs, name-calling, threats, or harassment.
  • Do not reveal private information about others, including names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Do not use obscenities or other foul language.
  • Do not use this website for any commercial purpose, to buy, sell, or otherwise solicit money from others.
  • Do not impersonate others. Although we do not object to anonymous or pseudonymous communications, please use a consistent user name. it is a violation of our terms for anyone to impersonate someone else.
  • Do ensure that comments seek to address the topic of the discussion.